Taking Criticism

I’m in a writing workshop where online classmates and I will “exchange papers,” and try to critique them fairly. We are all grad students, but, I swear, there is always, always, someone who tries to be the English teacher, which is ridiculous because we are all English teachers. I usually struggle to find suggestions for […]

Why Did It Happen?

More than ten years ago, I lost a friend, a talented organist. He and I worked together on an art class trying to memorize slides of art and matching them with the painter. I thought it was kind of fun, but Ken did not. He was in his last year, getting ready for his senior […]

Facebook: My Love/Hate Relationship

Aaaaaargh! Facebook! My brilliant former student convinced me to go on Facebook in 2009 after a lot of cajoling and pleading. She was graduating and wanted to keep in touch with me. (Can’t we just write emails? No?) So, I did. I played a few games and found a lot of students who friended me. […]


I have liked evenings best since I was in college the first time. So a while ago. So why? I’m a claustrophobic introvert, so it’s not the partying. It’s the closing down part of the day. I have gotten through another one. And some days are just that. Getting Through. In the evening I can […]