The chapters titled, My Stars Are On a Different Orbit, are from a novel. I was told I couldn’t write this by very professional people. I’m doing it anyway. The situation, characters, and places are fictional, but like all stories, have some elements of truth. If anything rings true, perhaps it is, but more than likely (as my second mother, Wilma would say), it is coincidental.

1932 is true as I remember it, and any future chapters will be as well.

Other pieces, such as Illusion and Aspect of a Stranger are also fiction.

The Irvin Effect is a mishmash of truth about my grandfather. In other words, I have cobbled together different moments that happened in church and put them in one piece.

If I talk about myself, it’s true, happily or unhappily.

From now on, I will make a point to delineate fiction and nonfiction.